2nd Telangana International Kite Festival of 2017

The kite flying tradition during Sankranti festival period has been taking place for so many decades in Telangana State. To revive this tradition, the Government of Telangana celebrated 2nd International Kite Festival coinciding with Makar Sankranthi with the financial support of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and in partnership with Aga Khan Academy.

The festival was organized with a social cause of raising awareness regarding the importance of education and empowerment of girl children from the lower socio-economic bracket by providing access to world class education. Ms. P.V. Sindhu, Badminton player was the face of the festival so as to promote the cause of empowerment of girl children.

Kite flyers of different clubs from various national & international destinations took part in the 2nd International Kite Festival. This involved 40 National kite flyers and 70 International clubs from 17 countries like France, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Australia, London, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, South Africa, Ukraine, Cambodia and Poland.