TIKF - 2019

on 13th, 14th & 15th of January

Kite flying is a means of fun and entertainment and it also reflects our culture and traditions that has been carried forward since generations. Kite Festival 2019 is being organized by Telangana Tourism with great fanfare in January, 2019. The success of Kite Fest organized in the years 2016,2017 & 2018 has brought a new identity to the tradition of Kite flying. Now, Hyderabad is all set to host Kites Festival 2019, with enthusiastic participation from scores of national and international flying clubs.

The International Kite Festival will take place in Hyderabad, accommodating visitors from many international destinations. The festival celebrations will reflect a rich tapestry of culture, kites and craft that Hyderabad is known for. Bringing together international teams of professional kite-flyers, along with thousands of kite-enthusiasts from around the city, the festival aims to educate and entertain through a series of kite-making workshops, kite-flying lessons, and kite-fighting competitions against the backdrop of a regional food fair, and arts and crafts mela. Kites fill the skies of Hyderabad with high flying colours during the Kite festival which is one of the popular events organized in the month of January. The surprising element of Kites Festival 2019 is night-time Kite flying.

The festival being organized in 2019 will be completely eco-friendly with no plastic or manjas.


1st Telangana International Kite Festival of 2016

2nd Telangana International Kite Festival of 2017

3rd Telangana International Kite Festival of 2018

4th Telangana International Kite Festival 2019

Fly for a Cause

Service for a cause is service to the nation. There are many causes, that require benevolent actions from us, to provide a helping hand to the needy. It will go a long way in showing humanity to those who are in need. Kites Festival 2019 also provides an opportunity to show your service oriented deeds. Be part of this endeavor, and extend your helping hand!


All Are Invited, Entry Free

Management Team

Shri B.Venkatesham, IAS

Secretary to Government of Telangana Youth Advancement, Tourism & Culture Department

Smt. Sunita M.Bhagwat, IFS

Commissioner of Tourism Government of Telangana

Shri Panyala Bhoopathi Reddy

Hon’ble Chairman
Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation

Shri B Manohar Rao

Managing Director (FAC) Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation



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Mr. K.Mahesh
Asst. Director


Mr. P.Shashidhar
Tourist Information Officer


Mr. Paavan Solanki